Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Give me your money "mother fucker".

I guess you can tell by the headline "give me your money mother fucker", that it wasn't a fun and ordinary night in the Hells Kitchen bar last night, not even close, here it goes.

Its about 350am and the last few customers are leaving the bar. I'm behind the bar, in the middle of counting the money, making piles of fifty's out of the singles. I'm just about to walk out from behind the bar to lock the bar when this guy comes in the door. I always lock the door after the last person leaves, but for whatever reason this night I got lazy. Right away I have a bad feeling about this, I say were closed. He takes out a gun points it at my head and says (well you know at this stage what he said). I say OK no problem I will give you everything I have, no problem. A sense of calmness comes over me, don't know why. As I walk back to take the money out of the register I notice the top of two heads peaking over the back booth in the backroom restaurant area. Its then that I remember there are two detectives back there, there from the local precinct, they have been back there talking all night. So I do what this man says and I start emptying all the Money from the register onto the bar. I can see this man is on something, he's sweating, shaking and his eyes are all blood shot. At this point he says turn around, I'm not turning around I say. For some reason I remember what this detective once told me, God forbid you are ever held up, never turn around, they will just shot you in the back and think nothing of it. So he says again turn around, again I say, I gave you the money but I'm not turning around, please take it and leave. I'm thinking to myself, probably stupidly, your going to have to be a man and kill me, I'm not dying tonight. I then think, as I see in his blood shot eyes that he's not got the balls to do it, you fucking coward.
So he grabs the money and darts out the doors. At this point the two detectives that witnessed this whole thing run out after him. I subsequently follow after them after I lock the door and change my underwear. When I catch up to them they have the scumbag on the street handcuffed, waiting for the paddy wagon to show up. They ask me I'm I alright to which I say, not sure, think so. Finally it all hits me what just happened and I just slump to the ground in disbelief- holy shit, did that just happen.
After I change my underwear again, we all go over to the precinct and they arrest that mother fucker!!
On a personal note, God bless the NYPD because my job as a bartender on the west side of Manhattan is a lot better because of them. I remember not so long ago all that you would get on the corner here, where hookers and drug dealers, boy do I miss those days- just kidding. But seriously it is all down to the great work of the NYPD, so cheers guys.

Oh by the way, don't forget to tip your bartender.