Friday, May 15, 2009

The Ninth Avenue Food Festival

So its that time of the year again, the ninth avenue food festival. Its the first and best street fair of the year. This happens every year on the third weekend in May or the weekend after mothers day. Starts at 37Th street and 9TH avenue and goes up 9TH avenue all the way to 57TH street. The bar I work in is close by so we normally start there and just saunter up the avenue. We have yet to make it all the way up as there are a few distractions along the way. We usually stop at Magganero's Italian deli on 37Th street, for some abuse- great sandwiches but own by the locals as the sandwich Nazi's. Then head up to Sea Breeze fish store on 40Th for some Calamari and Octopus. At the start of any good session or roll, it is vital that you get some grub in your stomach, so with that in mind, let the party begin. As said earlier we have yet to make it all the way to the end at 57Th street as there are just so many bars along the way, maybe this will be the year- ya right, who am I kidding.

Start at the Holland bar at 39Th street, one of the smallest bars in the city. A real New York City dive bar, ask for doctor bill the bartender, he will fix you up nicely. Dalton's on 43rd, large comfortable bar with lots of beers on tap, ask for Paul the owner, tell him I sent you. Rudy's on 44Th, just look for the pig outside. Another real NYC dive bar, probably the king of them, the beers are cheap, great jukebox, and they have a garden in the back. Well when I say a garden, its a NYC garden, all concrete, full of pigeons and no grass, unless you want to bring your own. Next is the Film Center Cafe bar also on 44Th. A little bit more classy then Rudy,s with good food. If you like wine then stop into Riposo Wine Bar on 46TH. Its a small, intimate place with great knowledgeable bartenders. Another of my favourites is Valhalla on 53Th. This place has over 30 beers on tap so something for everybody here. Then also on 53Th you have Bar Nine, a lounge style bar with live music, a great way to end the day.
So where ever you go on 9Th avenue you are sure to find something for everyone. Hope to see you out there.

Cheers, enjoy the day and please don't forget to tip your Bartenders.