Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its cold in the city tonight

Its so cold tonight in New York City that the hookers in Time Square were blowing on soup. Its so cold I seen one guy rubbing the Olsen twins together to start a fire.
On cold nights like these I always try to go and look for my homeless friend Richie. He lives on west 36Th street in the back of a parking lot behind two dumpsters, in a box. I usually bring him some food that is left over from our kitchen, or a coat that has been in the lost and found, too long. I microwaved it (the food that is) but by the time I get there its pretty cold but its food right. I get to 36Th street and I shout into the back of the lot for Richie, "you around Richie, you there". He always comes out smiling he always has a good outlook on things, really puts everything into perspective. Richie comes into the bar from time to time usually late in the evening with a hand full of coins that he has collected throughout the night. He maybe has a couple of dimes and a few quarters and says, "can I have ten dollars for this", usually at least five dollars short- smart little fucker, but I like him. He tells me how he would rather be on the street, as he says, "no worries or bills on the street", but on nights like these I don't think so. Lets hope Richie makes it, even if its just tonight.
He says this all the time and I also hear this from people at the bar; "Live everyday like its your last".  I'm all for that idea.  I even tried it one day, however I wouldn't recommend it.  One Tuesday a few months ago, I woke up, quit my job, shagged my girlfriends sister and kicked a cop in the arse.   Wednesday rolled around, to my surprise and disappointment; I had no job, no girlfriend and was in jail.  One good thing I got a new girlfriend called Bubba.

As I always say don't forget to tip your bartender but on cold nights like these where the difference between life and death could be a few dollars to a homeless guy, please give them to Richie- Peace.

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