Saturday, November 21, 2009


I love when people ask me at the bar, "Can you take a photo". We all know the power of a photo and the memories they Capture, so I'm always happy to take a picture, usually anyway. Everybody always says, its the button on the top, thanks a lot. No shit Sherlock, really, the button on the top right corner. Thanks for pointing that out, douchebag, I would have never figured it out. Its only been there since the dawn of time, Cavemen know how to take a photo. People, I don't think we need to say that anymore, "Its the button on the right corner of the camera". Just hand the fuckin camera to somebody and say, " Can you please take a fuckin photo, thanks".

Reminds me of a funny story. A couple of months ago I'm closing up at the bar. I'm checking the floor for anything left behind when I notice this girls pocket book. I look through it for ID so I can see who owns it. I can't see anything, no ID, nothing. So I dig in a little further and a notice a bunch of photo's in this case. I open the case up to see if I possible know who owns the bag. Well I certainly find out who owns the bag. I see pictures of a lady I know, naked and getting fucked in more ways than I care to know, and have ever seen and by more people than I care to know. This lady was one hell of a swinger, a real porn star. Well I leave the bag behind the bar with the anticipation of seeing her the next night. Sure enough she shows up; the porn star, the next night and asks me if I found a bag the night before. I told her I found your bag, she says, "How did you know it was my bag. I said, I saw the pictures. Good she says, I left them for you. Hello!!

Well don't forget to tip your bartender, photo's optional.

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