Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year To All

Well New Years Eve was quite a night at the bar, crazy busy but as usual a lot of fun. Thanks to all who came out. A special thanks to all my friends and family who made it extra special, I really enjoyed our champagne toast at midnight, cheers and have a fun and healthy 2011.

One person actually gave me a twenty dollar bill when I asked him for ID.  I'm like, you don't look anything like Andrew Jackson, but you could look like Franklin-check your money later.

These prostitutes come into the bar late, I've know them for many years now- nice girls.  My partner at the bar asks me, " Do they have ID,", I say, " prostitute don't carry Id, they usually carry VD".

Another guy came in and his breath nearly knocked me over, it came straight from Satan's arse.  I said, how about you brush your teeth next year, now that's a new years resolution.

I just read an article in the New York Times newspaper on the dangers of drinking alcohol.  That's it, my new years resolution is to- stop reading.

This rabbi came in the bar with a frog on his shoulder, I said to him; "where did you get that," and the frog said, "Brooklyn there's fuckin loads of them".

People ask me to take a picture of them all the time at the bar, especially during the holidays, and I don't mind at all. What I do mind is when they say, "the button of the camera is right there on the top right corner", oh really, no shit Sherlock, its only been there for, like ever, thanks for the heads up-dip shit.

So here's to a great New Year and please remember, always tip your bartender.