Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just back from brunch, what a treat, you know we men that is, would all rather get up early on Sunday and go to brunch, rather than sleep in, wake up late and watch football. I'm sitting there with my girlfriend and all her friends, paying $18 for eggs, listening to conversations about shopping, flowers and candles. How about after brunch we go to a candle shop, oh can we, please, I'm so happy. Do you ever just want to flip the whole fuckin table over?

After brunch we walked down the west side walkway along the water. Now I like this, your right beside the Hudson river and when the sun is shining it reflects right off the water- beats bloody brunch. It is absolutely beautiful and full of walkers, runners and roller bladders.  By the way, whats the hardest thing about roller blading? Telling your family your gay. Have fun and have a drink on me- cheers!!

Don't forget, please tip your bartender.

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