Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ways To get a Bartender's Attention and keep it!!

Ways to get a Bartenders attention and keep it.

Catch his eye- a bartender is always looking up to see who needs what- and then gesture. Don't yell, snap your fingers or whistle, he's not a dog- good luck getting a drink after that. I had this one shithead whistle at me the other night and I'm like, is there a dog in here. Then I left to look for it, and never came back to the dog whistler.
Know what you want to drink before the bartender asks. If you're ordering for other people, also know what they want.  There's nothing worse than when your busy and you ask somebody what you can get them and they look at you like your speakin chinese- unless there chinese ofcourse. Why don't you call me up tomorrow and I'll tell you what shoes to wear.  Make a fuckin decision will ya.
If you're ordering for other people, please have everyone's money in hand, ready to pay, so the bartender doesn't have to wait, and don't be a cheap prick, pay for them yourself. The less time you take the more time I have to serve others and make more tips. Its a numbers game.
If you want a specific brand, ask for it by name. Also, give the spirit name first, "cranberry vodka" is different from "vodka and cranberry". Its like peanut butter and jelly, its not jelly and peanut butter.
If you know you'll be coming back for another round and you're paying with a credit card, leave the tab open so the bartender doesn't have to run through new charges when you return.
Believe me, if you do these things the bartender will remember you, you will get served right away, and he might even buy you a drink or a round. If the bartender is good, (like me) next time you come up to the bar, you will just have to say, "same again" and he will give you the same round again.

How to tip appropriately.

$1 a drink is fine, but if you're running a tab, leave 20 percent of the total, as you would if you were dining.
Don't tell the bartender you'll, "Get him later." What that means to him is, "Get him never," and he'll be slower to come back to you when you want your next round- he might never come back.
If a bartender finds you attractive, he may give you a free drink.  You should still tip him, even if the house isn't charging you.
Don't punish the bartender because you think the drinks are too expensive.  He didn't set the price, and you've chosen to drink them.  Nobody got rich stiffing bartenders and not tipping.
Please don't leave loose change on the bar as a tip.  Round up in dollar increments.  Bartenders don't like to hear their tips.

Cheers and please always tip your bartender.

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