Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drinking too much these days?

When your a bartender there's always a reason to drink, not to mention, its right there all around you. These days I feel like there is always a reason to drink and I'm actually believing those reasons. Reasons like- its Monday, its Friday, its going to be a late one tonight, my friends are in, the girls are in, the cops are in, it will take the edge off, and so on.  This list of reasons or excuses could go on forever. This all catches up on you if your not careful and after a while the nights start getting longer and the days get shorter.  All of a sudden its just a couple of comatosed waking hours. There's always another place to go in New York City, particularly on the west side, Hells Kitchen area of Manhattan. Lets go to O'Flattery's on 46TH until 8am, then to Smith's on 44TH and 8TH avenue, Rudy's on 44TH and 9TH, or the Holland bar on 39TH and 9TH, all after hours bars, and then more after after hours bars until its normal hours so to speak. I know that's a lot of afters, fuck it give me a beer.  When one bar closes in New York City, there is always another one open.

I recently found myself in one of the many hotels in the area with this girl I met at the bar.  She insisted I come over so it would be rude of me not to say yes- right?. I grab a few beers from the bar and we head over to her room.  Well after about an hour we finish all the beers, only to attack her mimi bar.  A few hours pass and the mimi bar is now completely empty.  So we have the brilliant idea that I go out and get more beer. As I'm walking back through the hallways of the hotel, with a six pack under my arm, starving, I notice a room service tray outside somebody's room.  I lift up the top to see a half eaten turkey club sandwich underneath.  I grab the sandwich and take a large bite out of it.  So now, I'm sitting outside a complete strangers room with a six pack of beer- well a four pack of beer now, eating somebody elses half eaten turkey club when it dawns on me.  "This turkey club needs mayonaise"!!

Alcohol doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean... against tables, floors, chairs, walls and ugly fuckers, so be careful my friends.
You know when you have a drinking problem when the bartender knows your name and you’ve never been there before. Alcoholic friend of mine is getting married and he is registered to the local liquor store. He tried the alcoholic anonymous 12-step program but he fell down the third step-cheers!!!
Until next time, please don’t forget to tip your bartender.

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