Tuesday, July 29, 2008

George Michael In The Garden Tonight

Busy night in the bar tonight, busier than a usual Monday night. George Michael was in Madison Square Garden tonight, that is probably why we were busier than normal, apparently still a lot of Wham and George Michael fans around. What's white and slides down the bathroom wall? George Michael's latest release- Just kidding George.

Talking about celebrities, David Hasselhoff was in the bar tonight. You remember him from Bay Watch or what we liked to call it Wank Watch. Maybe he's a George Michael fan, or maybe is was meeting him in the toilet, who knows. Anyway he comes up to the bar and I say, hello David Hasselhoff what can I get you, he says please call me "Hoff". Sure no problem "Hoff". Whatever weirdo. So by the end of the night everybody in the bar is calling him "Hoff". "Hoff" this and "Hoff" that. I was actually getting a bit sick of this so when he comes up to the bar I say to him, so why do you want to be called "Hoff", what with all this "Hoff" bullshit. He says listen I don't want any Hassel !!!

See you all later and please tip your bartender!!!

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