Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Friend Arthur

My good old Jewish friend Arthur comes into the bar tonight all happy and smiling. Right there I know somethings wrong. I ask him why you so happy. He tells me he just won the new york state lottery, ten million dollars to be exact- drinks for everybody. Well, after the bar slows down I ask him, so Arthur whats next, what are you going to do with your winning. Now let me tell you about Art, he's a tough fucker, eighty nine years old, survived the holocaust, he's seen and been through it all. So anyway he says, first I'm going to donate half of the winnings, that's five million dollars to the Nazi party. I'm like what, are you losing your mind. No he says I'm going to donate half the winning five million to the Nazi party. I say, why would you do that after what they did to you and your people. Well its like this, he says, they gave me the numbers!!!
So there is a God after all.

So good luck to you Arthur and to you all, and please don't forget to tip your bartender!!

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