Friday, November 7, 2008

Full Moon Tonight

It was one of those nights that every bartender knows and feels before they happen. It started out when I came into work at 6pm to start my night. There is this drunk at the end of the bar and right away I'm pissed off that he is being served and still in the bar. It doesn't take much to piss of the start of the night for a night bartender, we are very fragile. So the day bartender says to me, don't serve that guy, he's fucked up, but it was OK for you to serve him, and why would you care, your out of here anyway- fucking prick. So I say, you served him you get rid of him. I didn't serve him he says, so I say, where did he get the Heineken. Listen, why don't you think before you talk, I'm sick of you serving obviously fucked up people and saying, you have a good night and running out the door, only for me to handle the shit you left behind. If your a night bartender you know what I'm talking about. Well I eventually get this fuck head out of the bar after he comes in a few more times not realizing that I just fucked him out before. Unfortunately my night goes from bad to worse.

A few hours go by and all of a sudden a major brawl starts. Its not one of those fights when nobody really wants to fight, a bunch of hand bags and pocket books thrown. These people really wanted to hurt each other. These fights happen at best once a year. What I have learnt over the years as a bartender is not to be a hero. I have loved one's to go home too. Fights usually break themselves up. Don't be a hero, they bury hero's. As the Marines and the Rangers say, we don't die for our country, we live for our country. If anybody knows me, I'm not the one to run from a fight but this shite is ridiculous. There are some nights in the bar when I'm like, fuck I would love a bit of action right now, a good beating, a bit of anarchy, get in close to somebody and really give it a go. Remember, I have an advantage I'm sober, well usually anyway. Listen if a fight lasts more than 10 seconds and your in it your in big trouble. So remember that when a fight starts and your working behind a bar, by the time you get around the bar the fight is usually over, but if the fight is still going on after you get around the bar, that's a fight you have no business getting in, and you certainly do not want to be in it.

So here's to the full moon tonight and a full tip jar, so please, don't forget to tip your bartenders!!

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