Friday, November 21, 2008

New Chapter in America

There's a new chapter in America but unfortunately its chapter 11. I come into work these days and I see less people- well the after work crowd that is. I come into work at 6pm to start my night, well at least I'm supposed to be there at 6pm however that's a bit of a laugh. Customers actually bet on when I will arrive at work how many minutes after six I will show up. I hear some cheers and some groans, mostly groans when I walk in the door, people cursing me as I walk through the door for not showing up at their designated time.
Anyway don't get me wrong business is still pretty good in the bar, I'm not complaining. Bars will always be good during hard times, there recession proof as one customer put it today. People are getting laid off for sure, but some of them I have always wondered how they had a job in the first place, real fucking dip shits, where the others I'm genuinely sorry for and I wish them all the best.

You hear some funny things, some funny conversations while working behind the bar, so many to remember but here's one I remember from last night. This guy says to this girl, whats your zip code, she's like what, again he says, whats your zip code, everybody asks for the phone number I just want the zip code- he was funny, not sure if he ever did get the zip code.

Well as we all know times are hard right now but please, tip your bartender!!

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