Saturday, March 22, 2008

Please Don't throw Bar Stools At Bartenders

Don't throw bar stools at bartenders? So last night these two guys and one girl walk into the bar at 330am and I can see by them they are pretty fucked up. Now I don't want somebody Else's headache, so what I usually say is, sorry guys I can't serve you, you've had too much but come back tomorrow and I will buy you a beer. This is when these drunk fucks usually say to themselves, a free drink tomorrow sounds good and they leave-like I'm ever or they will ever remember about the free drink tomorrow.
So anyway this scumbag picks up a bar stool and throws it right at me. I suppose he thought I said chairs instead of cheers!!
So I duck and miraculously the stool misses me and lands behind me and nothing breaks. Now I'm pissed off and I start to run around the bar to get to him. He runs out the doors like a fucking coward that he is, and I catch up to him about 10 feet outside the door, again he swings at me, I duck again for the second time and I put him to the ground. Lets just say he will not be coming around here again. Its funny how the loudest person in the bar is usually the weakest. On a personal note, thanks to all my friends at the bar that had my back and were and are always there for me.
Cheers to all my friends and family and don't forget to tip your bartender!!!

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