Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Old People

We get a lot of older people in the bar from time to time. I love talking to older people and spending time with them. We are all getting older that's for sure, even me!!! We had the monthly chess meeting in the bar tonight in the back room. They are all older people and pretty dull to be honest with you. They have dinner in the back room and then talk and play chess, whoo hoo, how exciting. It takes them two hours to pass the salt.

You know when your getting old when you fall and nobody laughs. These people are so old that they remember when Elvis was alive the first time. You know your getting old when your toes out number your teeth, (that could be a southern red neck joke too) . This guy from the chess club said he went to give blood and they told him his blood type was discontinued. This guy said he remembered when casual sex meant no tie on, when safe sex was having the handbrake on in the car. His birth certificate was carved in stone.

Anyway, so I'm on my way home tonight in a taxi as it was raining, I only live a few blocks away and the taxi crashes into the back of another taxi. Well this little midget comes walking out of the taxi we just ran into, and my taxi drivers says to the little dwarf, which one are you, he says "well I'm not happy".

Talking about midgets and dwarfs, did you hear about the gay midget? he came out of the cupboard.

Cheers for now and remember to tip your bartender!!

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